Here We Go

As of Monday evening, eastern time zone, I am back in America. The second half of that sentence feels like new news to me… I’ve been thinking about my visit to America for so long and even being here now doesn’t feel real. My dearest America, there is none like you.

I suppose it would be smart to introduce my little blog. Seems like nowadays everyone is blogging and there are so many interesting ones out there! I love reading blogs of people I don’t know… it makes the world feel so much smaller. Even though I may never meet this person sitting on the other end of cyber-space, I can connect with them in their activities (I’ve been a craftaholic since preschool), memories and thoughts. We may never meet, but I’d like to think we might be friends if we did.

This is my first attempt at blogging so I hope I don’t put whoever you are out there to sleep with my words. I’ve always enjoyed writing but never went past journaling and school papers so we’ll see how this goes.

So right now I am back in America for a visit and will be returning to Paris in August for another year. Throughout the summer I will be working on many of the administrative tasks required to live overseas and hopefully spending many moments recharging. A challenge I faced the first half of my year in Paris was figuring out how to do this. I felt myself wilting and aching inside to create something… anything. Every moment had been spent doing ministry or some type of administrative task that I honestly didn’t remember what I enjoyed. Thankfully the Lord dropped little moments of creativity into my life which seemed to come in the shape of furniture. My sweet fellow-STINTER Maggie experienced the literal weight of these creative moments. But all of that to say, I am praying the Lord allows me to relax and rest through creating things this summer and hopefully share them with you.

Hope I didn’t lose you in this pile of words. Until the next pile, à la prochain.


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