Institut Suédois

20121019-034243 PM.jpg

My favorite café in all the city is probably one of the most random cafés. At any given moment, I’ll hear four or five different languages being spoken. I love to just sit and listen to it all! The institut suédois (Swedish Institute) is a Swedish cultural center with a café. The entrance is guarded by two gigantic sky blue doors, framing the view of the cobblestone courtyard. On a warm day, you’ll find the courtyard packed with visitors and inside the café oddly quiet. You have to remember how cold it is here for the majority of the year! So anytime the sun peaks its head out from behind the clouds, the French scramble for a seat beneath it. Today wasn’t quite one of those days.

Inside the café, you’ll think you just stepped into a Swedish woman’s kitchen. From the light fixtures to the plates, all the accessories are IKEA. Makes sense since it’s a Swedish company… no wonder I love all things Swedish!

All day, the ladies bake Swedish treats. They are of course, all Swedish, and sound like birds chirping back and forth to each other. My favorite treat is carrot cake (is that really Swedish??) because they put lavender petals on it! Pair that with some cheap drip coffee and it’s a perfect goûte!

20121019-034422 PM.jpg


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