Cake Jars

Happy New Year! Last year (a week ago) I stunk at blogging. I’m definitely not one to make New Year Resolutions but unofficially, I’d love to blog more frequently. So to start the year off, let’s talk about Christmas!

It’s always difficult to find the time and money to get presents for everyone I’d like to, and this year is no different. There are 8 other interns on my team, and I knew we’d all be spending Christmas day together (more on my Christmas adventure later). I love giving presents, especially when I can make them. It’s just too expensive to buy something meaningful for each person, and less fun for me. While staying up way too late on Pinterest, I came across some great cake recipes. After finding out everyone’s favorite cake in all of the world, I decided to make individual cakes for each intern on my team, in individual jars. Unfortunately, I had to get all the ingredients and make them on Christmas Eve because I got in from Morocco (I couldn’t help but drop a little detail about my Christmas adventure) early that morning so the day was stressful. And I don’t mean I just had a lot to do… I mean I had a melt down in Auchan because they were out of sucre glacé (powdered sugar) and then developed a cold while baking, that lasted 9 days. Stressful day for someone without kids.

So for weeks, I collected glass jars and hid them in my dresser (later spotted by Beth). And under the tree, after hours of successes, failures and freakouts, I made 9 individual cakes.


And really, nothing is original so here’s a list of all the cakes I made, connected with the other fabulous bloggers who created the recipes:

Texas Sheet Cake

Red Velvet Cake

Peanut Butter Cake (with Devil’s Food Cake and Peanut Butter Frosting)

Oreo Ice Cream Cake

 Red Velvet Cakes

Fortunately multiple people on my team like the same cake, so I was able to do multiples.

As for the labels, I used Cathe Holden’s downloadable labels in green. The great thing is that you can save the PDF on your computer and type directly into it before printing. I didn’t actually have sheets of labels, so I just printed them on regular paper and cut and taped them onto the jars.

After all the mess, everything tasted great and there was cake for everyone. Hope all of your presents turned out with less stress than mine!


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