Stitching my Skirt

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning is visit the fabric district near Montmartre in Paris. The first time I went, it took me over an hour to get from the metro to this hidden street erupting with fabric. Colors are POURING out of each store, in more textures than I’ve ever seen… it’s breathtaking! Although I haven’t gotten around to visiting since I got back, I have been sewing! Right before I left America, I started on a skirt project. I desperately needed to replace this blue, high-waisted shorter skirt from the GAP that I wore practically every day here in Paris, so I packed up some blue floral fabric and brought it back with me to Paris.

Since I loved my blue skirt so much, I decided to use it as a pattern. I’ve never actually used a pattern before, but I felt like it was pretty easy. Except the fact that I wasn’t paying attention when I cut my fabric and I cut the back of the skirt in half… and I was already in Paris so there was no going back. In the end, I just sewed it back together and I’m HOPING no one will notice. Good thing I’m writing this on the internet.

I LOVE my new skirt! It took me hours to make because I hand stitched the ribbon onto the skirt but it was worth it! I also don’t have a sewing machine over here, so I had to wait for another teammate to kindly let me borrow hers. So after many, many weeks of waiting to finish it, here it is:

Skirt Ribbon stitching

If any of you are adventurous enough to try your own, don’t forget to back it! Most fabric you find isn’t thick enough so the moment the sun comes out or a light is turned on, people will see right through it. I absolutely hate that most designers aren’t backing their skirts and dresses nowadays.  So when you’re making yours, either opt for some backing the same color as your skirt (back pattern fabric with a solid color) or a canvas color. Most fabric stores have a section for the canvas-colored backing fabrics.


2 thoughts on “Stitching my Skirt

  1. I wish I was brave enough to take on a sewing machine. I fear I don’t have the patience. I attempted some time ago to purchase my own fabric to created a Halloween costume unavailable for purchase. Using only handstiching was a lot of work! My stiches weren’t exactly distanced or strong enough to entrust leaving the house. Perhaps, one day, a free sewing machine class will present itself!

    1. Way to go attempting to make your own Halloween costume! That’s something I’ve never thought about! I’ve never taken a sewing machine class, but I’ve heard that most craft stores in the States offer classes… I think they charge, but you could probably find a coupon online or in the newspaper! A local church or community center might have them too, and I would think they would be free there…

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