Short-term Part 1

I have officially failed at blogging. Its not even that I don’t make the time to write… I just never hit ‘publish.’ I can’t tell you how many blog posts I have drafted. I write one and think, “I’ll mull it over a few days (afterall it’s going to be online forever) and then post it,” but I never do. I just forget. Short-term memory has never been my forte. I remember in college a friend suggesting to me that I take supplements… Ginko something or other. I actually bought some but never could remember to take it. I think I should say that alheizmers does not run in my family so I don’t have some great medical excuse. I’m just really crappy at it. One of my roommates told me that champagne is supposed to be good for short-term memory, but daily doses of champagne isn’t quite the solution I’m looking for.
So if you’ve go any suggestions that don’t lead to addiction or something that doesn’t require short-term memory, let me know.


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