Maybe they were just coincidences, but I’d like to think that God has trickled clues throughout my life about things ahead. Take for instance, living in France for two years. I probably thought about France a total of five times before being asked to move there, so it seemed a bit out of place to me. But then I started remembering some things…

1. One of my Girl Scout leaders gave me an Eiffel tower keychain in elementary school and I still have it.

2. When the guidance counselors came to my middle school to set up my classes for high school, I had to pick a language class. For reasons beyond me, I requested French. But the counselor said, “What are you gonna do? Move to France? You’re taking Spanish.” And to you madame I say, “Don’t give anyone advice. Ever.”

3. My freshman year of college I bought a cheap print of the bridge in Monet’s garden. I already knew I liked Monet’s work, but really just bought it because I thought it was pretty. When I moved to France, I had completely forgotten about the print. I visited the gardens about a month before moving back to the U.S, and then first thing I saw when I walked into my old room at my parents house was that print. Buying and storing it for six years was made worth it just to see it when I walked in the door.

4. I bought a big book about the Louvre at some point when I was working for a bookstore in college. I’ve loved art for as long as I can remember and had heard from a young age about the magical museum, the Louvre. Although I (somehow) didn’t connect the Louvre with Paris, I dreamed of one day visiting the museum. Yet I never, ever thought it would happen and certainly didn’t talk about it. So you wouldn’t believe how much I cried when I saw it for the first time.

5. At least five years ago, I bought a red, white and blue dress from a vintage clothing store that no longer exists. All the dresses were goregous, but well over anything I could afford. But in the back of the store I found a rack with a beat up, red, white and blue dress. I tried it on and fell in love with it immediately. I called it my Jackie Kennedy dress and the girls running the shop practically gave it to  me. Apparently they had mistakely bought it in an estate sale. I decided I would fix it up and tailor it to exactly what I wanted. And five years later it’s still not finished. It has however had stains removed, a new zipper put in and hems fixed. The final alteration is the collar. So here’s the thing with the dress: although red, white and blue are the colors of the US, I would really like to wear this dress on Bastille Day (July 14th) in Paris. I absolutely LOVED celebrating my first Bastille Day in Paris this past July (despite terrible transport issues) and want to go back. This dress will be finished long before the next Bastille Day that I’m in Paris, but I’d like to think of it as the final clue to my Paris puzzle. Everytime I see that dress I think, “I’m going to be wearing that on Bastille Day.”

Have you ever looked back and been surprised to find clues hinting at something you would do in the future?


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