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** To give you a little context, it is a very good thing that for the last two months or so, none of my posts have made it passed ‘draft.’ They were all awful… full of emotional extremes. I am trying to install a rule for myself that I do not write complaints about my life on social media, but I promise to break that promise at some point. Sorry. **

But good news! I am getting things checked off my mile long to-do list, and one of those is to post more products on my etsy shop. So tonight as I drift off to sleep I will be murmuring, ‘check!’ One more product posted!

When I first moved back to Florida, my sister and I started brainstorming things I could make for her (and my niece) or for my etsy shop. I knew I would need a part-time job until I make my next move to Atlanta, and the etsy shop just seemed to make sense. For anyone out there that has already begun that endeavor, you know that it’s risky. Who knows if it’ll sell or if you’ll have enough time to keep up your stock? And when you start a new product, as simple as it may seem, it takes A LOT of time to get it just right. The product I just posted is an arm bumper (or cushion) for infant carrier handles, and figuring out the snaps took weeks! (Not entirely true that I was working on it for weeks… part of the time I was waiting on a delivery of more snaps and a special tool which DID NOT solve all my problems like I thought it would.)

But it’s done! My sister and I have been test driving multiple versions of it for about a month, and now it’s posted! If you need a gift for a baby shower, you should check out the shop. I even posted one with UCF colors!



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