Our Wedding

:: Um yeah this is a little late ::

Last weekend marked 6 months of marriage for us, and man am I glad we don’t have to plan another wedding! Over the last few months, I’ve had a lot of questions from other brides about some of our vendors. So here’s our wedding!

Stephanie Gamble Photography


Church :: Audubon Park Covenant Church

This church is darling and really flexible! Pastor Sarah is extremely involved in the Audubon community and very responsive. We fit about 130 people in the church, and I wouldn’t try much more than than.



Design :: Diane Knight and With Wonder Paper

Printing :: With Wonder Paper

Bridesmaid Robes

Bridesmaid Robes :: Getting Ready Robes

I loved these! The seller is in India and unfortunately has paused her business. I found the seller through Etsy, and there are plenty of other shops on Etsy left selling them!

Guest Book

Guest Book :: Alyssa Aviles 

I knew there was no chance of us ever looking through a traditional guest book. Years ago, my friend Alyssa made a finger stamp guest book for another friend and I loved it! Even though she’s busy managing an artist space and photographing, she was willing to make another for us!


Ceremony Coordinator :: Georginia Hurge

Georginia is a friend of ours, who has coordinated so many weddings! She is currently launching a Wedding Coordinating business, and we were lucky to have her help!

David Pezzoli

Pastor :: David Pezzoli

Hair ClipsFlower Girl Dresses

Flower Girl Dresses :: Layla Raes

Flower Girl Hair Clips :: Bloomz

Bridesmaids Bridesmaid Dresses :: CoralieBeatrix Dress in Honu Hunter

This dresses was perfect! I wanted everyone to have a different style dress, but in the same color. But finding maternity options is really tough! A friend recommended this dress and I’m so thankful. It gave us the option to order one dress, but with almost unlimited options for how to wear it. Everyone looked beautiful in it!


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