About Me

I am a 20-something year old American woman who always spoke of doing big things and seeing exotic places but never grasped the weight of those words. About 15 months ago I heard the Lord say “It’s time” and 10 months ago I packed up my things and moved to Paris, FRANCE. For the last year I have been on what is called STINT, an internship overseas with CRU or AGAPE as we call it in Paris. I work on multiple Universities looking for opportunities to help Christian students grow in their faith, help non-Christian students discover who Jesus is, and be a blessing to the general student population.

When I arrived in Paris, I knew nothing of French culture. My French vocabulary consisted of two phrases: bon voyage and bon appetite. Needless to say that was not enough to have a successful ministry. After a few months in country, I started to use the phrase Je m’appelle Tracy (My name is Tracy) to introduce myself instead of Je t’aime Tracy (I love you. Tracy.) and focused more on major language screw ups like using the informal tu instead of the formal vous when I didn’t know someone. Every day I lived out the expression ‘stupid American.’ I suppose a good dose of humility is good for us all.

Now if you haven’t already made the connection, my name is Tracy but the title of my blog spells my name ‘Tressy.’ Little exercise for you… try saying the name ‘Tracy’ but with a French accent. Sound anything like Tressy? Even the baristas at Starbucks spell my name Tressy.

I think I would like to use this blog to share with you all my life overseas, which probably means it will become rather filled with my homemade thingamajigs. I would call myself a creator, but not an artist because I hold that word with too high esteem to connect it with someone like myself. I hope these piles of words bring some entertaining additions to your perspective of life overseas!


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