Our Wedding

:: Um yeah this is a little late :: Last weekend marked 6 months of marriage for us, and man am I glad we don’t have to plan another wedding! Over the last few months, I’ve had a lot of questions from other brides about some of our vendors. So here’s our wedding! Church :: … More Our Wedding

Riding the Bus

If I didn’t know already, I do now : Orlando is not Paris. In Paris, I rode public transport everyday and no one thought it was odd. So when I moved back to the US and landed in Orlando, I made the decision to continue using public transport. (Not owning a car made this decision … More Riding the Bus


Maybe they were just coincidences, but I’d like to think that God has trickled clues throughout my life about things ahead. Take for instance, living in France for two years. I probably thought about France a total of five times before being asked to move there, so it seemed a bit out of place to … More Clues

Paris Top 10

Even though it’s officially spring, it certainly doesn’t feel like it! The cloud are still threatening to pour out rain or snow, and the sun still hides for the majority of the day, but there are a few signs of Spring. Besides the flowers popping up, the biggest sign of Spring for me is visitors! … More Paris Top 10