Riding the Bus

If I didn’t know already, I do now : Orlando is not Paris. In Paris, I rode public transport everyday and no one thought it was odd. So when I moved back to the US and landed in Orlando, I made the decision to continue using public transport. (Not owning a car made this decision … More Riding the Bus


Most people know that everything is more expensive in Paris, but what a lot of people don’t realize is how difficult it is to find certain things. Every time someone came from the States, we had a pretty predictable list of things to bring with Peanut Butter at the top of it every time. One … More Packing

Here We Go

As of Monday evening, eastern time zone, I am back in America. The second half of that sentence feels like new news to me… I’ve been thinking about my visit to America for so long and even being here now doesn’t feel real. My dearest America, there is none like you. I suppose it would … More Here We Go