Afternoon Delight

If I was coming to Paris on vacation, I know exactly how I would spend my money. On FOOD! The last couple of weeks, I have had the wonderful pleasure of hosting lots of people in my city, so I’ve thought a lot about the ‘must sees.’ And for me, the ‘must sees’ and ‘must … More Afternoon Delight


This past weekend I introduced my new roomies to French cooking classes! We went to one of the free courses that I mentioned in an earlier post, and it happened to be at the market around the corner. The class was actually overbooked so we worked in pairs, and I’m so grateful! Now since I … More Sardines

Learning to Cook

       I’ve never really been much of a cook. My mom made sure all of her daughters knew how to cook, but it was never something I experimented with or enjoyed. But walking through the French markets for my first time last year gave me an itch to try new foods, and make some … More Learning to Cook