Short Term Part 2

I don’t know what I think about short term versus long term anymore. I used to absolutely hate anything short term. As a kid, I was ridiculous. Part of me doesn’t want to have kids because I’m scared they will be as ridiculous as I was, but that’s a tangent. I did not know how … More Short Term Part 2

Short-term Part 1

I have officially failed at blogging. Its not even that I don’t make the time to write… I just never hit ‘publish.’ I can’t tell you how many blog posts I have drafted. I write one and think, “I’ll mull it over a few days (afterall it’s going to be online forever) and then post … More Short-term Part 1

Not a Fan.

I really am awful at keeping up with all of the great Christian books. Whether you’re a Christian or not, you’ve probably heard of C.S. Lewis and either read his books¬†Chronicles of Narnia¬†or watched the movie. I for one have only seen some of the movies and although he has written many books that could … More Not a Fan.