Short-term Part 1

I have officially failed at blogging. Its not even that I don’t make the time to write… I just never hit ‘publish.’ I can’t tell you how many blog posts I have drafted. I write one and think, “I’ll mull it over a few days (afterall it’s going to be online forever) and then post … More Short-term Part 1

Afternoon Delight

If I was coming to Paris on vacation, I know exactly how I would spend my money. On FOOD! The last couple of weeks, I have had the wonderful pleasure of hosting lots of people in my city, so I’ve thought a lot about the ‘must sees.’ And for me, the ‘must sees’ and ‘must … More Afternoon Delight

Stitching my Skirt

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning is visit the fabric district near Montmartre in Paris. The first time I went, it took me over an hour to get from the metro to this hidden street erupting with fabric. Colors are POURING out of each store, in more textures than I’ve ever seen… … More Stitching my Skirt

My Apron

I’ve never been someone who loves cooking, but I do love aprons! My mom always wore aprons in the kitchen when I was growing up, and she had a short yellow one with sunflowers that E and I used to always wear (aka fight over). Once E moved out, my Mom gave it to me … More My Apron

Cake Jars

Happy New Year! Last year (a week ago) I stunk at blogging. I’m definitely not one to make New Year Resolutions but unofficially, I’d love to blog more frequently. So to start the year off, let’s talk about Christmas! It’s always difficult to find the time and money to get presents for everyone I’d like … More Cake Jars

Institut Suédois

My favorite café in all the city is probably one of the most random cafés. At any given moment, I’ll hear four or five different languages being spoken. I love to just sit and listen to it all! The institut suédois (Swedish Institute) is a Swedish cultural center with a café. The entrance is guarded by two … More Institut Suédois